Fashion is my secret Passion

I do a lot of serious stuff in my life. I have always enjoyed fashion,however.  So I decided what the heck…I felt like being a little creative and maybe showing off a little too.

This blog is going to be about clothing, i.e. fashion.  It is intended to be fun.

I enjoy and feel I have a knack for finding fashionable clothing at consignment/ second-hand stores and I will be sharing some of  that with you.

I may share some photos from my little stint/ attempt at modeling in my local area. I used to think modeling was so glamorous and interesting growing up as an only child and reading Vogue in the bath tub. I guess my fashion “heyday” was in the nineties. It was the era of the “Supermodels”: Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell,Cindy Crawford.  I remember Iman, and Christy Brinkley too. Other wilder ones like Grace Jones, I found interesting.

Anyhow this is for fun and for diversion.